Offshore Wind

The foundation of the offshore wind department took place in 2014. Therefore it is the youngest department at Jörss – Blunck – Ordemann, however the staff have many years of professional experience at their disposal.

Dr. F. Lüddecke, Managing Director is collecting professional experience in the offshore wind sector since 2006, Mr. W. Al Otaibi, Head of Structural Design, since 2011, Mr. F. Ostermann, Head of Load Calculation, since 2009 and Dr. G. Haake, Head of Certification, since 2004. The staff employed in the offshore wind department has at least 4 years of experience in this sector. The following structures are worked on:

  • Substructure of offshore wind turbines
  • Substructure of offshore substations
  • Topsides of offshore substations
  • Met masts

Pre-designs and concepts

The team of engineers consists of experts in the field of steel construction, grouted connection, geotechnics, load calculation and installation cover the core competences which are necessary for the development of innovative support structures as well as the design planning of typical offshore substructures. Therefore our main activities in the conceptual phase are:

  • Elaboration of pre-designs for permit
  • Obtainment of fundamental data and preparation of a park-specific design basis (BSH conform for the German EEZ)
  • Preparation of design briefs for the fields load-calculation and design verification of the substructure
  • Elaboration of innovative foundation concepts
  • Preparation of parameter studies for the optimisation of the support structures in relation to steel consumption, load and natural frequency behaviour
  • Preparation of feed studies
  • Determination of the impact and pre-dimensioning of the foundation structures
  • BSH conformal design verification or agreeable guidelines like  DNVGL, NORSOK; DIN; ISO 19902 or API

Structural design

The structural design is the actual core competence of the engineers in the offshore wind sector. In the execution and detailed planning of the structure design we take on the following tasks:

  • Execution of integrated load analysis considering the behaviour of the structure, the soil, the impacts and the operation control of the wind turbine
  • Preparation of structural analyses for the ultimate limit state, including fatigue check and serviceability limit state
  • Performance of verifications based on framework models and with the help of FE-calculations
  • Consideration of the verification for the final state as well as the temporary and assembly phases
  • Design Verification for steel construction, geotechnics and grouted connection

Examination / Due diligence

Our team uses the accumulated experience and knowledge as structural engineer to operate as consultant or as examiner for the partial aspects of load calculation, steel construction and supervision. We take on the following tasks:

  • Verification of the steel structural and geotechnical designs through comparative calculations
  • Assessment of the design of grouted connection through comparative calculations
  • Examination of the design basis and the design briefs
  • Evaluation of the constructions regarding feasibility
  • Assistance in due diligence processes
  • Examination of recurring examinations

Construction supervision

Our engineers are qualified for the supervision of the structures during the construction phase. For this purpose a few of our engineers completed an additional training as International Welding Engineer (IWE). Therefore it is possible to evaluate and examine things such as the welded joint and structural tolerances. However, we do not see ourselves simply as construction supervisors, we see the supervision complementary to the structure planning, which secures the interface between planning and execution.