Owners / Managing directors

Horst-Ulrich Ordemann

1980 Mr Ordemann obtained his diploma in civil engineering with emphasis on construction engineering from the TU Braunschweig.

Subsequently he worked for the construction company Dyckerhoff + Wichmann in the calculation department and the construction management until 1987. Afterwards he started working for the engineering office Jörss+Blunck where he became partner in 1990. In 1993 Mr Ordemann received the nomination as examiner for structural design in the disciplines solid and steel construction and in 1995 the certification as examiner for structural engineering and bridge construction by the Federal Railway Authority (EBA). The nomination as government-recognized expert for constructional inspections followed in 2001.

Mr Ordemann is also volunteering for the chamber of engineers and the association of examiners for structural design, i.a. as member of the technical committee in the states of Lower Saxony, Bremen and Hamburg and as member of the technical coordination committee of the federal association.


Falk Lüddecke

Mr Lüddecke obtained his diploma at the faculty for civil engineering of the TU Dresden in 2002.

During his doctorate in the field of strengthening consisting steel bridges Mr Lüddecke acquired further knowledge in the field of fracture mechanics and the fatigue behavior of steel components.

Additionally Mr Lüddecke completed his training as international welding engineer (IWE). During the doctorate, which he finished in 2006, and also afterwards Mr Lüddecke gathered further knowledge regarding the installation of civil engineering structures in solid and steel construction. From 2006 to 2009 Mr Lüddecke worked for a renowned engineering office in Berlin in the sector of examination and installation as well as for the Federal Institute for Material Testing (BAM) where he was responsible for the authorial examination of structural designs of various offshore wind farms.

In 2009 he started working for the engineering office tkb. GmbH in Bremerhaven, which operates in the field of planning foundation structures for offshore wind turbine generators. Mr Lüddecke established the sector of structural design within the tkb. GmbH and got appointed as managing director in 2010.

In 2014 Mr Lüddecke changed to the engineering office Jörss – Blunck – Ordemann where he became owner and managing director. In 2016 Mr Lüddecke received the nomination as examiner for structural design.

Mr Lüddecke is member in the following working groups:

  • BSH – Working group foundation structures of offshore substations.
  • BSH – Working group global design of foundation of offshore wind turbines.
  • NA 005-51-007 AK 1: Reliability and loads.
  • NA 005-51-007 AK 3: Verification management in steel construction